Damocles Weekly Trade Journal

Finding your niche in a post-work-obsess world is not for sissies.

A career as a technology analyst was highly gratifying. Project planning, cost analysis, and operations management will keep you mentally and physically on your toes. But what happens when you hang your keyboard up and pull down the golf clubs? What do you do when you find you need to reboot your daily stratagems? One course may be to take up a hobby then blog about it…

When I started my blog, my primary goal was to refine my writing skills. As an analyst, I write status reports and bullet points. But as a blogger, I need to entertain while sharing relevant information – all in complete sentences.

Secondly, I want to ferret out the fallacies with my Options Trading strategies. As an Analyst, I long learned that explaining what I’m doing is the best way to reveal my thinking flaws – or when I have totally gone off the reservation.

I want to learn, do better, and exceed!

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