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Is income from Options Trading Vertical Spreads fact or fantasy? My sense and research suggest the answer should be – “Fact.” But there is a LOT OF PAIN one must go through to get there. This blog is my trek to find that answer. And this blog will be my weekly journal in trading Vertical Spreads Options to get beyond the fantasy. I invite you to walk it with me…

Options Trading Explained
Learn to Trade Options Vertical Spreads

Below are my weekly/monthly (as of 02/01/2022) Journal Posts as I teach myself how to make money selling (trading) Vertical Spread options weekly…

Deep dive to stagflation?

Deep Dive into a Bear Market

Correction to recession to stagnation. Inevitable you say? I’m thinking so. I’m starting a deep dive into Vertical Bear Call Option Spreads as I believe we are already caught in the mauls of a Bear Market.

Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads.

Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads – Entry Rules

Hey Boo Boo! It’s time to run with the Bears! The bears are stealing my pic-a-nic baskets full of scrumptious Vertical Bull Put Credit Spreads. I think it’s time to be smarter than the average Newb Trader. Here are my new entry rules for Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads.

The Cryptocurrency business must be good

Crypto Trudging – A Bourgeois Look at Cryptocurrency

How fast can I become a Crypto-Millionaire? What cryptocurrency should I buy that will centuple next? When I began this week’s Journal Entry, my goal was to do a little digging into which cryptocurrency I should invest in. But, what I learned is that the current public version of blockchain/cryptocurrency has serious systemic flaws and is not ready for earnest investors.

He has risen

Happy Easter!

I’m thankful for the Easter Miracle, the beauty of God’s creation, and the blessing of having my family in my life. Here are my two Easter Week Vertical Spreads.

Princes Bride - OptionsTradesByDamocles.com

Trade Trudging? INCONCEIVABLE!

Like Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates, Trade-Trudging is how I can maintain a dizzying intellect while avoiding the classic blunders. Will the Marketeers pick the cup with the Iocane?

Agile Options Trading as Spider-Man can

Agile Vertical Spreads Rules – Spidey Spreads

My 4-month Trend Channels will stay bearish as the tail-end of the channel’s data runs through the 65-day market downturn. So, as our agile Spider-Man swings off of the Correction’s bottom, I need to be as agile and make temporary changes to my Entry Rules – only like a Spider can. Agile Rules for Vertical […]

Go-Go Vertical Spreads

Trade Trudging week continues as I consider rolling another ITM QQQ Vertical Put Spread. But are we at the emergence of a market bounce? Go-Go Rebound!

Rolling QQQ - Ocean 13 - OptionsTradesByDamocles.com

Rolling Deep ITM QQQ Vertical Spread

This “Trade Trudging” week will focus on rolling one of my expiring QQQ Spreads that is currently deep ITM. And since this is the second time I’m rolling this Vertical Spread, I’m pretty sure this QQQ is following me.


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