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Is income from Options Trading Vertical Spreads fact or fantasy? My sense and research suggest the answer should be – “Fact.” But there is a LOT OF PAIN one must go through to get there. This blog is my trek to find that answer. And this blog will be my weekly journal in trading Vertical Spreads Options to get beyond the fantasy. I invite you to walk it with me…

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Below are my weekly/monthly (as of 02/01/2022) Journal Posts as I teach myself how to make money selling (trading) Vertical Spread options weekly…

Hunt for Red November

Hunt for Red November

Economically, we are a Socialistically Regulated Capitalistic Economy – and we have been since the 1800s. And every two years, the legal voters of this country can trim how far the social-economic pendulum swings. This November, I expect the pendulum to swing red.

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Vertical Spreads - the Kenny Rogers Strategy

Selling Vertical Spreads – The Kenny Rogers Strategy

Know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em – and never count your money before the trade is done. I need to read the room and focus on a market condition that will have the best chance of winning. I should only hold (open) Vertical Bull Put Credit Spreads when the cards on the table are in my favor. Here are some cues that I should look for:

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Options Trades By Damocles

Antsy Trade Trudging

The US economy is being swept into a recession. But instead of continuing to pile out of the markets, it appears that fear-fatigue has set in as Marketeers seem antsy to get back in the fray. So, this week is Antsy Trade Trudging.

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Wanted: Renovator-in-Chief

Help Wanted: Unifier-in-Chief

The Politics of Division has put our country in a bleak, dark, and scary funk. Where is Reagan’s “shining city on a hill?” What happened to Obama’s “There are no Red States, no Blue States, just the United States?” We desperately need a national Unifier-in-Chief for 2024.

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