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Is income from Options Trading Vertical Spreads fact or fantasy? My sense and research suggest the answer should be – “Fact.” But there is a LOT OF PAIN one must go through to get there. This blog is my trek to find that answer. And this blog will be my weekly journal in trading Vertical Spreads Options to get beyond the fantasy. I invite you to walk it with me…

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Below are my weekly/monthly (as of 02/01/2022) Journal Posts as I teach myself how to make money selling (trading) Vertical Spread options weekly…

Options Trades By Damocles

Antsy Trade Trudging

The US economy is being swept into a recession. But instead of continuing to pile out of the markets, it appears that fear-fatigue has set in as Marketeers seem antsy to get back in the fray. So, this week is Antsy Trade Trudging.

Ragnarök - The Marxist Econony

Ragnarok – The Progressive Economy

The Progressive movement is primarily about ushering in a socialist economy. This has been a movement for many years, and the COVID crisis gave the movement the bold opening it needed. Has the Progressive movement unleashed an economic Ragnarok?

Wanted: Renovator-in-Chief

Help Wanted: Unifier-in-Chief

The Politics of Division has put our country in a bleak, dark, and scary funk. Where is Reagan’s “shining city on a hill?” What happened to Obama’s “There are no Red States, no Blue States, just the United States?” We desperately need a national Unifier-in-Chief for 2024.

Bull Trap - OptionsTradesByDamocles.com

Beware the “Bull Trap”

In my longing to see a sustained market rebound, I have to be careful not to confuse the beginning of a new bull market with a bull trap.

Pigs get Slaughtered

Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money, Pigs Get Slaughtered

Excessive greed, impatience, and naïveté are the bane of all Marketeers. When we take on excessive and misguided risk, we eventually get slaughtered. It is the mission of every Marketeer to understand when to use the appropriate Option strategies.

Vertical Spreads Entry Rules – Matrix Table

In this week’s Journal Entry, I plan to create a consolidated matrix for my Vertical Spread’s Entry Rules. I want one easy table for Bull Put Credit Spreads, Bear Call Credit Spreads, and Iron Condors. Then I plan to take – the “blue pill.”

National Treasure - OptionsTradesByDamocles.com

Trade Ranting

There are a lot of geopolitical issues on our nation’s plate this year. We have historic economic woes, a watershed Supreme Court ruling, and a political revolution that appears set to overthrow the Progressive Political Experiment this coming November. So, during this Memorial Day week, I will spend more time ranting than trading.

Deep dive to stagflation?

Deep Dive into a Bear Market

Correction to recession to stagnation. Inevitable you say? I’m thinking so. I’m starting a deep dive into Vertical Bear Call Option Spreads as I believe we are already caught in the mauls of a Bear Market.

Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads.

Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads – Entry Rules

Hey Boo Boo! It’s time to run with the Bears! The bears are stealing my pic-a-nic baskets full of scrumptious Vertical Bull Put Credit Spreads. I think it’s time to be smarter than the average Newb Trader. Here are my new entry rules for Vertical Bear Call Credit Spreads.


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