Damocles Weekly Trade Journal
Table of Content Commentary - Entry Rules Options SpreadsThis Week's Market Sentiment Trading Readiness Level (DEFCON) Profit and Loss Statement Schedule for this Week This Week's Trade ActivityVertical Spreads Opened This WeekVertical Spreads Currently CookingVertical Spreads Closed This Week I'm..
Every champion was once a contenderwho refused to give up.-Rocky Balboa (Movie: Rocky) Commentary Every successful Options Trader started as a rookie-newb. If we are smart, we would train hard (study), enter Amateur Play (trade with paper money), then enter..
These aren't the droids you're looking for.Obi-Wan: (Movie: Star Wars - A New Hope) Prologue I initially dipped my delicate tootsies in the tidal wave of Options trading by dutifully going through every online course that Ameritrade has to offer...