Damocles Weekly Trade Journal
Rolling Vertical Put Spreads: There is no such thing as a loss-proof Vertical Spread. So this week, I will use my wizardly powers and review how to rolling losing Vertical Put Credit Spreads using ThinkorSwim. Table of Content Commentary -..
Can Schrodinger's cat foretell if my Quantum Vertical Spreads (Vertical Bull Put Credit Spreads) will win? Let's ask his cat. Table of Content Commentary - Schrodinger's CatThis Week's Market Sentiment Trading Readiness Level (DEFCON) Profit and Loss Statement Schedule for..
The best value of AROR (Annualized Return on Risk) is to use it as a measurement for the profitability of an active Vertical Spread. When the Live-AROR rises above the Baseline-AROR, exiting the Spread anytime will technically be a bigger..